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Michael Wagner, of Mayfield Heights, is a 63-year-old contestant in The News-Herald's Lighten Up in 2013.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

lighten up

Things appear to be going well as I work towards my weight loss goals. Pants are fitting a little better and I don't feel as gross when I bend over to tie my shoes. Not sure if it was mentioned last week that I had my annual physical a couple of weeks ago. My doctor was happy to learn that I was in "Lighten Up". My weight was a few pounds lower than my last doctor appointment in November. Of course, I gained a few more pounds over the holidays. That was a great article that Laura Kessel wrote about Mike Good of Cabana's offering the free weekly dinner to Lighten Up participants. My wife and I were there last night for another great meal. She had Chile Salmon and I had the Hang ten tilapia. They were both very good. We saw a couple fellow participants at Cabana's.


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